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What To Expect

What to expect

The Healing Journey: What to Expect

1. Gathering Information

Before your visit, you fill out an in-depth history form and assessment. During your initial appointment, we discuss you, your health, your family history, and what was going on in your life that may factor into how you got here.

2. Building a Plan

You'll leave your first appointment with the beginning of your recovery plan. The plan may involve ordering lab work, conducting a neurological exam, or gathering other information that will give us answers about the root causes of your issues.

3. Getting Answers

During the following appointments, we use the lab and exam results to help us understand some of the triggers and root causes of your health problems.

4. Recovery Phase

Now that we understand the factors that contribute to your unique situation, we add to your recovery plan. We will use whatever natural tools are appropriate for you, and those could include diet changes, lifestyle shifts, supplements, or other healing therapies.

5. Maintenance Phase

Once you’ve healed and are out of the recovery phase, you get to choose how to maintain your health. Just like cars last longer with an oil change on a regular basis, so will you. Whether you choose to come in for an annual check up, or just call when you need us, or even come in every month or two for a tune-up, we’re here to help you keep the health you’ve gained.

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